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We Produce the Mineral Water which comes from  the Multistage Purification Process and completely safe to consume.

Our Mineral Water which we supply faces the Quality Purification Process. We use Ground Water at the initial Stage the then after it goes to face Ozonization process by which we destroy the bacteria and other virus. After that the Ozonized Water faces t he Sand filtration process by which we removes the coarse particles from the water, After the send filtration it crosses the barrier of carbon filtration which removes the salts and other harmful minerals and color. After that we add minerals and send the Water to Ozinization process once again for assurance of Purified Mineral Water.

Experience the Taste of the Purified Mineral Water.

Available in:  20 ltr, 5 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 1 Ltr packs

Most of the Overseas Importer are usually search for some best purified water suppliers in Countries where they can get a pure and a tasty purified mineral water. India is a Land of Rivers and most of them origin are the Great Himalaya and Everest mountains, Ganga is a holy river of the India whose water is full of Minerals which Encourages us to represent you the Purified North Indian Mineral Water in front of you.

If you search taste and purity in the water before buying then you are at right place. We are one of the Leading Exporter in India who is exporting pure drinking mineral water. So if you are searching for a reliable supplier from India then send your inquiries to us, we’ll try our best to quote you a competitive price.


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