Manufacturers Pay Attention

“Finding something is never been an easier work.”

In my past experience i had seen in the most of the company purchase or products sourcing officers are not much comfortable of the new age media and strategic sourcing. Sourcing exact products and services in cost effective price is very much difficult task right now because most of the good companies are involved in trading with online trade platform. There are 1000+ online trade platform are available from where you can source your products without country restrictions.  In conventional time sourcing products is easier than ever because of less resources availability. Most of the companies does’t know that the same products which they are buying or sourcing can be bought in the cheaper cost with the help of new age strategic souring technique. Suppose you are sourcing any raw material in tons and you had contacted 20 suppliers for the quotation at a time but suppose what the impact will come if you are asking quotation to more than 1000+ Suppliers. The Possibilities of getting lowest quote for that products at your own supply terms can be increased.

We would like invite the manufacturers from the various industries to show case your featured products on UPW | International Business Representatives and get associated with us. We are inviting manufacturers to submit their featured and export quality products only to us.

What you have to do is just write your products details in MS Word Format with your products high quality images and send your products details at our official email id: PLACE YOUR COMPANY DETAILS & LOGO HERE- FOR DETAILS CONTACT ADMIN

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