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We introduce our self  one of the leading Exporter and Supplier of the Areca nut / Betel nut from India. India is the Place where Areca nut / Betel nut are used by people for chewing. It is also used as a mouth freshener. In India and Pakistan the preparation of nut with or without betel leaf is commonly referred to as paan. It is available practically everywhere and is sold in ready-to-chew pouches called “Pan Masala” or supari, as a mixture of many flavors whose primary base is areca nut crushed into small pieces. Pan Masala with a small quantity of tobacco is called gutka.

We are Exporting various types of Flavored Areaca nut / Betel nut / Supari are mentioned below

  • Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari

  • Cool Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Love bites Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Saffron Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Saffron Special Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Dates Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Hasty Tasty Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Silk Special Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Rose Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Pearl Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Herbal Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Sweet Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Waffers Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Softy Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Pineapple Betel Nuts / Areca nuts / Supari
  • Mouth Fresheners 

Manufactured after roasting and using various Indian Herbs and flavored. It’s a natural mouth freshener in India used after meals.

  • Sweet Betel Special Mouth Freshener
  • Rainbow Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Rose Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Dry fruits Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Sweet Coconut Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Love Bites Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Rose Special Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Sweet Green Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Cardamom Special Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Fennel Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Special Indian Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Taj Special Mixture  Mouth Freshener
  • Chocolate Fennel Mouth Freshener
UPW Silver Coated Flavored  Mouth Freshener
High Quality Chewing Tobacco
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